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Blog Trainer UK in Association with Quirky AcademyQuirky Training and Quirky Marketing.
Quirky Academy and all of it’s associated businesses, is owned, managed and run by Entrepreneur, Writer, Trainer, Mentor and Coach, Sandra Bellamy (aka quirkybooks and beatredundancyblues from www.quirkybooks.wordpress.com and www.beatredundancyblues.com).

Quirky Training is owned by Sandra Bellamy, and is the Training Organisation behind Educational Hub Quirky Academy, in association with Blog Trainer UK.

You may be thinking how does Quirky Marketing with Blog Trainer UK, fit together? Quirky Training produces the training courses for Blog Trainer UK (who is Sandra Bellamy), that fits within the Quirky Academy umbrella, and provides blog courses, classes and workshops, for Business, Health and Happiness. Quirky Marketing, creates the Marketing and Social Media element of the Quirky Training blog courses for Blog Trainer UK.

Quirky marketing is about radical marketing. It is about out of the box thinking and embracing your quirky (your authentic self) in your life and business, to get results.

By embracing your quirky personality and incorporating that into your online endeavours and social media profiles, people can see the ‘real’ you and are more likely to buy into you as a person, and therefore your products and services.

By embracing your quirky, you are far more likely to stand out from the crowd and have people being drawn to you.

Quirky Marketing mixes your business with your pleasure:

From a young age, many of us are lead to believe that it is wrong to mix business with pleasure, but if you don’t do that, how can you enjoy what you do? Quirky Marketing is about mixing your business with your pleasure. It is about being your authentic self in your life and incorporating what you like, what you love and what you are passionate about, into your business, to give you that authentic, real, raw, and unique edge.

Quirky Training:

Quirky Marketing is incorporated into Quirky Training business courses, classes and workshops. Quirky Training produces courses for Quirky Academy and Blog Trainer UK, that form part of Sandra Bellamy’s World Of Quirky organisation.

Quirky Academy offers Quirky Mentoring and Quirky Coaching as part of it’s educational offer.

Quirky Mentoring specialises in Quirky Mentoring reports; in which you can be mentored, without any in person contact.

Quirky Coaching is Coaching and Mentoring all in one – If you are looking for traditional mentoring this would not suit you. If you want to be coached, advised and guided, all at once – Give it a try! No longer do you have to be frustrated at having to work out all of the answers for yourself, you have the opportunity to come up with your own ideas and get those of another experienced person, to accelerate your learning and take it to the next level.

Quirky Mentoring and Quirky Coaching specialist areas include:

  • Business mentoring
  • Getting back into work
  • CV and Cover Letters
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Embrace Your Quirky
  • Being happy and confident to be single in life and business
  • Being happy and confident to be asexual in life and business
  • As all Quirky Mentoring and Quirky Coaching is bespoke, prices are individual to client’s needs.

Contact Sandra Bellamy for a free 20 minute consultation on 07932 768970 or 01392 434202 if you live in the UK. If you live outside of the UK, please use the contact form or message her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sandrabellamyUK or www.facebook.com/quirkyacademy

Or by Tweeting her on Twitter: www.twitter.com/SandrabellamyUK or www.twitter.com/quirkyacademy

Please note, if you live outside the UK, it is best to make initial contact through email, Facebook or Twitter. Consultation may be arranged to be delivered via Skype.


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