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Besides the group masterclasses that Sandra teaches, she specialises in teaching one-to-one classes tailor made to fit you. These classes currently fall under 3 categories. Blogging for business, blogging for mental health, and blogging for health and happiness. As you can imagine, being tailor made to your requirements, they are a bespoke service and this is reflected in the price and the specialist care and attention that you will receive. You can book a whole day’s masterclass to get you up and blogging in a day, tailored made to your specific needs, or you can book individual sessions for £50 an hour, for a minimum of two hours. All classes take place at the Phoenix in Exeter, or at your place of work or via Skype or Google Hangouts, unless another arrangement is made. Sandra fully supports equality and diversity, so if you have a disability or special need, please contact her and she may be able to visit you at home to deliver the class, or make alternative arrangements. There is no extra change for travel in the Exeter area, if Sandra needs to travel further afield, travel costs will be added to the total cost of the agreed class or course price. The sum total will be made clear before any payment is charged.

Blogging for Business Fast Track Masterclass 

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COURSE Blog Training For Business Fast Track Masterclass
Do you want to start a blog for your business but don’t know where to start? Do you want to take little time out of your business but have the maximum impact in it? Do you want to know everything, you need to know, to be up and blogging in a day? This Masterclass is for you. Learn what blogging can do for your business.

Build a blog from scratch, with no prior knowledge.

Learn blog pulling content.

Learn how to develop, customize and maintain your blog.

Stamp your brand and grow your audience.

Cook up a creative Blog Storm.

Learn ways to monetise a blog.

PRICE From £449.95 per person.
CONTACTNAME Sandra Bellamy; Blog Trainer UK
TEL 07932 768970 01392 434202
EMAIL [email protected]
Please note, I offer one-to-one bespoke training for this one day Masterclass from just £449.95 per person if you live in Exeter, UK, plus travel costs and other associated costs if you live outside of Exeter – to be agreed upon before training commences. I also offer one-to-one bespoke training in blogging from £50 per person, per hour, for a minimum of two hours, same location rules apply. Time, date and venue, to be mutually agreed. Phone for a free 20 minute consultation 07932 768970 0r 01392 434202. If you live abroad and want online training, please connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, or Email, in the first instance.

My Blog Training for Business Fast Track Masterclass is for anyone who hasn’t already got a blog for their business, and who would like to add one to their marketing mix. Anyone can create a WordPress blog in a day and start growing their community right away.


Blogging for Mental Health Masterclass one-to-one  is £249.95.  

Blogging for Health and Happiness one-to-one masterclass is £249.95.  

Dates are arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Full payment is needed at the time of booking your place on a course. You can cancel any time up to 7 days before the class commences and have a full refund, or change the date.

Please note: All classes will have pre-coursework that is expected to be completed prior to class commencing. It is essential to the course content that this work is completed before class commences, in order to achieve the desired result of knowing everything you need to know to be up and blogging in a day. Pre-coursework will be emailed to you within 7 days of course payment being received.

Blogging for Business Fast Track Masterclass one-to-one vs Group

One to one: You get a personalised service. You have the option to choose your own theme from the many available themes, before class commences. This way your theme can have a look that is tailored more towards your specific needs and the persona of you and your brand.

Group: All use the same pre-chosen theme.

One-to-one: Work at your own ability and pace.

Group:  A greater need to match the pace of others in the group.

One-to-one: Ideas, advice and solutions, for growing an audience that is relevant to your specific business needs.

Group: Ideas and solutions to grow your audience for businesses in general.

One to one: More opportunities to ask questions and get your specific needs met.

Group: Questions others ask, may not be relevant to your specific business needs.

To book a one-to-One Masterclass, Workshop, or specific training bespoke to your needs, if you live in the UK you can contact Sandra by phone 07932 768970, or 01392 434202. If you live outside the UK, please contact Sandra by email using the contact form, via Facebook or Twitter  or by Skype, using the button below


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