From Humble Beginnings

From the beginningIt was from humble beginnings, that Blog Trainer UK, Sandra Bellamy, started her first blog; in November 2010. Her main objective was to talk about her favourite subject that is writing, and to practice her writing skills. Although she hoped one day to interact with other bloggers, it was practicing her craft and finding her writer’s voice, that most appealed to Sandra.

Sandra distinctly remembers when, almost a year later;, gave her the first Like and left a comment. Sandra was thrilled.

Being a self taught WordPresser, it took her some time to work out how to navigate the Dashboard and use the Reader to find like-minded blogs.

After that first Like, Sandra grew ever more curious as to how people interacted on WordPress and how people liked and left comments. Yes, it would have been simpler to search for WordPress help, but back then Sandra wasn’t too tech savvy and decided to explore the Dashboard and see what happened when she clicked on different buttons.

It’s this organic method of discovery, that has lead to a substantial increase in Sandra’s knowledge of IT, blog and website development. Through her continued effort to blog regularly on her quirkybooks blog, she has gained hundreds of followers and boosted her confidence and self-esteem no end. Sandra has considerably improved her writing skills, and now she builds her own business websites using

In fact Sandra went from relations poking fun of her lack of IT knowledge, to teaching Blogging as an aid to recovery – How to start a blog for the Recovery Learning Community, that is part of the NHS. Sandra designed the course to teach people with mental health difficulties, their families and friends who support them, how to start a blog from scratch, with no prior knowledge. Sandra worked at the student’s own pace, and changed each session plan according to the needs of the group and the individuals within it. Having previously suffered with mental ill health herself, Sandra is able to connect with her students in a profound way. She also taught Twitter and Facebook for recovery too. And now she teaches blogging, Facebook and Twitter, for her own and businesses.

In 2012, Sandra took a year out to study. She gained a PTTLS Level 4, teacher/trainer qualification and an IAG; information, advice and guidance Diploma, Level 4. As well as completing several IT courses. These have provided a solid foundation for her teacher/trainer role.

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