Blogging for Mental Health

Blogging for health, is a great fun activity that you can do religiously to help you to feel great.

Blogging for health, can help you to heal from mental ill health, by connecting you with like-minded people. People who have been through what you are going through, right now. Some will have recovered, others will still be living with it. You can mutually support one another, understand the other’s point of view and relate to each other. You can find out what techniques help and discuss situations pertaining to your own individual circumstances. You can do this through posts, to open up a discussion; in comments; or connect with fellow bloggers outside of the online blogging world, through, for example, email.

Sandra Bellamy, Blog Trainer UK, is experienced both personally and professionally in blogging for health. She specialised in teaching Blogging as an aid to recovery – How to start a blog, for the Recovery Learning Community, that is part of the NHS. She has been blogging for over 5 years and is open and honest about how blogging has aided her own journey in recovery from depression. Sandra has been free from depression for since 2012 and recovered without the use of any medications. Blogging played a huge part in increasing her confidence and self-esteem and in breaking through her fear barriers that were holding her back from being her quirky, authentic self, and doing what she was born to do; to write and to help others to heal, to grow, and to flourish, the best way she knows how.

Blogging for Mental Health Fast Track Masterclass 
WHAT THE COURSE CAN DO FOR YOU Do you want to start a blog to help you to heal from mental ill health? Do you want to know how to use it as a tool for doing so? 

Do you want to know everything, you need to know, to be up and blogging in a day?

This Masterclass is for you.Learn how blogging can make you feel happy and be good for your mental health.Build a blog from scratch, with no prior knowledge. Learn how to develop, customize and maintain your blog. 

Learn how to connect with like-minded people who understand the difficulties you are going through, for mutual support, benefit and a fresh perspective.


TIME AND PLACE Digital Suite, Phoenix Centre, Exeter, EX4 3LS. Or via Skype or other prior arrangement.
PRICE £249.95 per class, per person. 
CONTACT Sandra Bellamy; Blog Trainer UK
TEL 07932 768970  01392 434202  in the UK
EMAIL Using the contact form, via or
BESPOKE TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES Please note, this is one-to-one bespoke training for this one day Masterclass for just £249.95 per person. I also offer one-to-one bespoke training in Facebook and Twitter from £50 per person, per hour, for a minimum of two hours. Time and dates to be mutually agreed. Phone for a free 20 minute consultation if you live in the UK, otherwise use the contact form, Twitter or Facebook in the first instance.

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