Blogging for Business

If you want to connect with your clients and customers in a more personal way; to build trust, better understand their needs and get their direct feedback, then blogging for business, is for you.

When blogging for business with WordPress, you can either create a blog for free, with an option to upgrade to a premium theme and business account so you can sell products directly on your blog through e-commerce, at a later date . Or you can create a self-hosted website, using a theme that incorporates a blog. I use both and will always continue to do so. My best results come from my blogs, and that is why I teach you how to build a blog from scratch, using that platform.

You can choose to start with the free option, as many do, and at a later stage create your own website using and blog from within it. In this case, you can either keep the free one and blog on it, as well as blog on your new website, or there are companies that specialise in moving your blog to a site.

In the Fast Track Blog Training for Business Workshop that I teach, you will learn how to start a blog using a free template. You will need a valid email address, be able to type text, and need to know how to browse the web. You do not need any prior knowledge of WordPress to complete the Masterclass.

When you create a free blog. You can create pages about you, your business, your staff and all manner of things related to your business. You can create a page about your products and services; with details of how to contact you, and links to other sites that you sell your products or services from.

The ability to grow your audience community and interact directly with them to talk about your products and services, is priceless. Through blogging, there is no end to how you can engage with a customer and build a rapport with them. Much like Twitter, you can talk about something that does not involve directly selling to the customer, in fact it could be unrelated, but the fact you took the time and trouble to give a little piece of your time to others, will go a long way in building trust. If that person is not wanting to buy from you, they will still tell people about you, and they may become a future customer.

Besides creating permanent pages on your site, you can create posts. The most popular style of post for a business, takes the form of an article, often in a ‘how-to’ or ‘things you need to know’ format. These type of posts allow you to showcase your skills and expertise, so you can become the go-to specialist in your field.

If you are thinking of starting a business, why not get it off to a flying start by creating a community of bloggers interested in your products or services, before you launch them.

Whether you are just starting out, or full steam ahead with your business, blogging can give you a distinct competitive advantage. In order to buy into your products and services, potential consumers more often than not, need to buy into you as a person. Blogging allows you to build a personal rapport and gives you a human touch, that a website on its own, cannot do. Through blogging, you can talk directly with potential customers and clients. You can follow like-minded people and have the opportunity to forge strong business relationships with those who may either buy from you, partner with you, or help you.

What is unique about Blog Trainer UK’s, Blog Training For Business Fast Track Masterclass, is not only do you get to create a fully functional blog from scratch, you also get taught how to build and grow your followers – The people who will potentially buy your products and services, using traditional and non-traditional methods and SEO. You will usually find in regard the latter, that other companies will make it a separate course, meaning an additional cost and hours taken out of your business. Sandra Bellamy, Blog Trainer UK, teaches you all of this, in two intensive training days. Ensuring you take the minimum amount of time out of your business, but have a springboard to make the maximum impact in it.

As a bespoke one-to-one class it is from £449.95 per person in Exeter, UK, for the full two days. Training is either at the Phoenix in Exeter, in your work place if it’s in Exeter, via Skype or Google Hangouts, or other. There will be additional costs such as transport if you live outside of Exeter.

If you live in the UK, to arrange a one-to-one class contact me – Sandra Bellamy (Blog Trainer UK) direct on 01392 434202 or 07932 768970, or email me using the blogtrainer contact form Or message Sandra via Facebook:, or If you live outside of the UK, please contact me via via email, Facebook, or Twitter, in the first instance.

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